Assignments for September 14

Remember: If/when you encounter references/ words/ ideas/works that are unfamiliar, research them. Dig down. Come prepared to class with observations, places in the text you wish to discuss, ideas. I’ll help get you started with this link to Orwell’s “Shooting an Elephant,” which is referenced in one of our readings.

Read from the Rose Metal Guide to Flash Nonfiction: “Of Fire and Ice,” pages XIII-XXV and all the essays included in the “Mysterious, Ambitious, and Intimate: The Flash Nonfiction Form (pages 1-22)

Also read in Rose Metal Guide to Flash Nonfiction: All the essays in “No Ideas But in Things” :The Power of Image and Detail (pages 28-50)

Read: “Grounding the Lyric Essay” by Judith Kitchen (handout)

Read: “A Skeptical Take” by Phillip Lopate (handout)

Read accompanying essays mentioned in Kitchen’s essay, “The Little Black Dress” by Dinah Lenney

The Journal Interview with Lia Purpura 

Read Fourth Genre Steinberg Essay Prize Judge Kate Carroll de Gutes’s comments in Fourth Genre Explorations in Nonfiction

Seneca Review “intro” to Lyric Essay

Ben Marcus on The Lyric Essay