Assignments for September 28

WRITE: All first drafts due for first workshop on Flash Nonfiction.You must bring one hard copy for each member of the class, and one copy for Julia

Criteria: Your first workshop piece is a flash nonfiction, which should incorporate the elements of lyric essay that we’ve been discussing since class began, but also fall into the 2,000 words or less parameter of flash.

Read (handout) “Study Questions for the Essay at Hand” by Robin Hemley (Bending Genre, eds. Margot Singer, Bloomsbury).

Remember: An important element of our workshops will be your questions, which will be part of your written critiques, as well as the driving force behind our discussions. These are not necessarily questions for the writer (although they may also be that), but questions posed by the essays themselves, as well as those they prompt for the reader.

Read this interview with Dinty Moore (editor of Brevity, and our flash textbook).

Read “Words with the Hospital Chaplain” by Asha Dore in Hippocampus (and you might as well check out Hippocampus’ Fall writing contest while you’re there. Good prizes! Creative Nonfiction! Deadline approaching!).

Read for class in Rose Metal: “All the craft and flash essays in the chapter “The Singular Moment: Where to Begin, Where to End” (pages 134-151) and all the craft and flash essays in Against the Grain: Alternative Approaches to flash Nonfiction (pages 157-164). We will have an in depth discussion of these essays, as well as an in-class critical writing assignment.