Assignments for Nov. 2

Read for class in The Next American Essay: “Captivity” by Sherman Alexie; “The Body” by Jenny Boully; “Outline Toward a Theory of the Mine versus the Mind and the Harvard Outline” by Ander Monson (handout).

Come to class with observations and thoughts on:

• the use of form with content, i.e. what is the structure, but also how do the structure and content work together, and what, thematically, happens in the essay?

• observations about the lyric element of the pieces

• observations on the internal and external elements, as discussed in class.

You will have time in class to either continue working on the received forms piece begun the week before or, if you are unhappy with it, start another one. Workshops for these pieces will occur Nov. 16.

You can review some of the ideas we generated for hermit crab essays, as well as other points of discussion from the Oct. 26 class, in the “containers” presentation on the Presentations page.

Addendum: For more ideas in the humorous tradition, check out McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies; some of that magazine’s persona pieces and listicles might prompt some fun ideas.