Assignments for Nov. 16

We will begin the workshop of the hermit crab/scaffolding/received forms essays. The critique sheets are here. A review of workshop protocol is here. Come prepared to use your notes to contribute to the discussion. Bring one copy of your critique sheet for each author and one for Julia. These are part of your grade. You have no other assigned reading, although the following week, we will begin reading toward our next assignment: the prose poem. Your workshop will not be rescheduled if you are absent.

November 16 Workshop Group: (actual order for workshops will be announced next week)


Victoria D

Franco R

Daniela C

Nic No Shoes





Critique Sheet List:

  1. The Scaffold: What is the “received form” of the essay and how does it inform and work with the content? This portion of the critique should, in other words, be considering structure, both in and of itself, but also as it relates to the whole and the parts.


  1. Association: What is this piece concerned with, and where in the text do you find these associations? In other words, what information, ideas, emotions, narratives exist?


  1. Lyricism: Identify elements of the lyric in the writing, but also include any observations about the language of the piece.


  1. Response: What other observations can you offer on this piece, either about its content, its device, its execution, its use of creative nonfiction craft elements?