Last Class

Due: First drafts of prose poems. We will have small workshop groups on your prose poem drafts. You’ll be discussing the ways in which the pieces make use of the characteristics of prose and poetic elements, and also offering general feedback and suggestions. Be sure to bring one copy for each member of your group and one copy for Julia

We will again review the elements of the final portfolio. Review them here and let me know if you have questions.

We will finish (or start) our discussion of the video essay and look at some video essays.

Prose Poem Workshop Groups:

Group 1:

Liz, Andrew, Felicia, Kim

Group 2:

Franco, Marisa, Charli, Nic

Group 3:

Daniela, Amaya, Ana Stina, Josh

Group 4:

Melinda, Marjorie, Cris, Jen H, Victoria