Critique sheet for each of our three workshops will be posted here. In the meantime, please review workshop rules below:

Writing Workshops

Workshops will be used for the three major creative nonfiction pieces due this semester.

Regarding the workshop environment: Class must be a non-judgmental place where writers can bring their work and ask for help toward improvement of their projects. Due to the nature of non-fiction writing, it is very important that writers feel confident that their work will not be discussed with anyone other than the members of this class. Critiques will be accomplished through the writing workshop critique sheets and in-class discussions. Your critiques of your classmates’ work are an important component of this class and your grade. Workshop materials must be submitted for critique when due in order to participate in the workshop.

Workshops will not be rescheduled; active participation will be factored into mid-term and final grades.

Students are required to provide copies of their work for their workshop groups and for the instructor.

All work submitted for workshop must be new work; reusing work generated for previous classes is considered plagiarism.

 Critique Sheets

Critique sheets will be distributed for use for evaluation of your peers’ work, and will require evaluation of classmates’ writing according to the craft principles that are the bedrock of this class. With both written and oral critiques, students should take care to objectively evaluate the work, and refrain from unproductive and subjective evaluations.

Copies required: one for the writer whose work has been critiqued; one for the instructor.